Lorraine Mace

Review of The Writer’s ABC Checklist

Review by Richard Bell for Writing Magazine

The Preface to The ABC Checklist makes a good point: editorial departments, in both magazine and book publishing houses, are often so oversupplied with submissions that they actively look for reasons to reject them. This obviously means that anything that looks at all amateurish courts instant rejection.

So how do you make your own submission as professional and impressive as possible? Here is a book that sets out to answer that important question. It is framed as an ABC guide, so you can seek advice on anything from agents (and how to find one) to vanity publishers (and how to avoid them). In between there is advice on every possible question you might ask as you put together your first submission: how you should set out the presentation of your manuscript; how you should write a covering letter, what it should include and how it should be put together; how to write a synopsis; how to construct a book proposal.

Indeed new writers will find the advice helpful even before they get to making a submission. There is guidance on the art of market research, whether you are writing a magazine article or a book, and on how to send a query letter.