Lorraine Mace

Review of The Writerís ABC Checklist

Review by Sue Kendrick, editor of Writelink Resources for Writers

This has been written by two of our forum moderators, Lorraine Mace and Maureen Vincent-Northam, and is probably one of the best writersí books Iíve come across. I certainly wish it had been around when I started out, but it isnít just for newcomers. There is plenty in it to refresh the seasoned writer and, best of all, the information is so accessible and arranged so that you do not have to read lengthy chapters to find the particular piece of information you are after. It is a great writers' bible which all writers, no matter how well published, should keep at their elbow. The A-Z format makes it easy to find relevant information and the cross checks are a real boon for the novice writer who may be meeting unfamiliar terms for the first time. This would make a super writerís gift.