Lorraine Mace

Review of The Writer’s ABC Checklist

Review by Simon Whaley, best-selling author

When starting out as a writer, it’s so easy to wonder whether you’re doing everything right. What size margins should you have on the paper? Should the text be double-spaced and what exactly does an editor mean when they say they want to see ‘clips’? The problem with freelance writing is that not only are you competing with other amateur and hobbyist writers, but you’re also competing with the professionals. You’ve therefore got to act professionally right from the start, otherwise you’ll look amateurish, and be treated as such.

The ABC Checklist for New Writers by Lorraine Mace and Maureen Vincent-Northam answers all these questions and solves this problem. It’s like having a professional writer who knows all the answers, right by your side.

Laid out in an alphabetical format, the answers are easy to find. Each point is also cross-referenced to ensure that you get all the information you need. For example, if you were to look up ‘Revision & Resubmitting’, you’d find yourself directed to look at ‘Kill Fees’ and ‘Rejections’, as well as getting practical information as to how to analyse your work to make the necessary revising improvements. Each checklist also has a bullet pointed summary at the end to reinforce the important facts.

The ABC Checklist for New Writers is a useful resource, packed with information, glossary of terms, contact addresses of useful organisations, details of awards and prizes, and is useful to both non-fiction and fiction writers. Whether you want to write articles, short stories, novels, radio plays, television or film scripts, there’s no-nonsense advice here that every new writer will benefit from.