Lorraine Mace

Reviews of The Writer’s ABC Checklist

New writers will find the advice helpful even before they get to making a submission.

Read full review by Richard Bell for Writing Magazine


Practical, authoritative and concise answers to all those basic questions you just didn't know who to ask. This is a must for every aspiring writer's bookshelf.

Chosen as Book of the Month by Word Doctors


“How-to”/reference books rarely get much better than this!

Read full review by Aidan Lucid for The Lucid Review


It’s like having a professional writer who knows all the answers, right by your side.

Read full review by Simon Whaley, best-selling author


This is probably one of the best writers’ books I’ve come across.

Read full review by Sue Kendrick, editor of Writelink Resources for Writers


I wish I’d had this book alongside me a quarter of a century ago, when I first set out. It may have reduced the number of rejection slips I received.

Read full review by David Robinson, freelance writer and novelist


This is a great guide for the new author and provides valuable information that will be able to be referenced again and again as writers encounter new questions.

Read full review by Maggie Ball, novelist, editor and reviewer for The Compulsive Reader


The book is a must have for the professional or those starting the long journey towards publication and I would highly recommend any writer to get a copy.

Read full review by John Rooney, freelance writer and photographer


It puts everything a new writer needs in one place.

Read full review by Hasmita Chander, freelance writer and editor


The ABC Checklist for New Writers is a very good general reference book for new (and not-so-new) writers.

Read full review by Nick Daws, freelance writer, editor and author of more than 40 books