Lorraine Mace

Critique and Author Mentoring Service

Due to requests from writers recommended by ‘word of mouth’ Lorraine set up a dedicated critique and author mentoring service in 2008. She now mentors authors on three continents.


Writers receive a report covering manuscript presentation, title, opening paragraphs, story resolution, dialogue, characterisation and an overall assessment. They also get back their original document marked up with track changes to show my comments and advice directly on the text. The critiques cover not only where improvements are needed, but also detail what it is that writers are doing right! This is something that is often overlooked when work is appraised, but it is an important aspect in a writer’s progress.


The critique service is based on the following rates:


Flash Fiction: (up to 1,000 words) ......................£15 *

Short Fiction: (1,001 to 3,000 words) ................£30

Longer Fiction: an additional £6.50 per thousand words over 3,000 — send an email to: lorraine@lorrainemace.com for quote and payment instructions.


* Entrants to the Flash 500 Competition are able to take advantage of a reduced rate of £10 for flash fiction critiques requested at the time of entry.


Full novels, articles, non-fiction books and mentoring by negotiation.

Email for a quote: lorraine@lorrainemace.com


How to submit work for critique

Choose one of the two payment options on the PayPal button below. You will be taken through a payment procedure. After payment you will be returned to this page. Please submit your story as an email attachment (any form of Word document or PDF) to: lorraine@lorrainemace.com

In the covering email give your story’s title and word count, your full name and details of PayPal transaction if paying via a different email address to that used to submit the work.








Lorraine’s critique was very helpful indeed, showing me where I needed to strengthen my story and offering me insights to take away and consider. An objective reader is so valuable, and I felt the cost was well worth paying after investing so much time putting the story together. Lorraine’s experience as a reader, judge and story expert shines through. I will use her services again without hesitation.

Ruby Cowling


After using several critique services with some disappointment, I tried Lorraine Mace, with Flash500 stories first, and then with longer short story MS and I recommend her without reserve. The full-page report on structure, character, plot, and other key elements is thorough and professional. There are also line-by-line editorial comments using Word review programme which is a great way to learn as well as to improve a particular story: Lorraine misses nothing. Most important for me though is her ‘eye for story’; her capacity to see deeply into the potential of a story you have only been skirting around without realising it. Eagle-eyed she is but her feedback is constructive and encouraging, and she responds to a request for clarification – not all critique services do that. She sticks to her estimated turn-around time too.

Trish Nicholson


When I began to write a novel for 9-12 year olds I was unsure of my ability so, not wanting to waste time and effort I turned to Lorraine for support. I can't praise her comments highly enough. She helped me through the basics of presentation and lay-out, and she posed questions which made me think very carefully about characters, plot and pace. An added bonus was the speed of her response. I wrote and re-wrote in line with her guidance and I know that my writing improved as a result.

Mavis Gulliver


Comments by recipients of Flash 500 critiques


Many thanks for your clear and very helpful feedback.  I can see I have lots to improve on but I console myself this was my first attempt at flash fiction – hopefully, I can only get better!


The critique I received was 100% honest and professional, I could not ask for more. 


Thank you very much for your very valuable comments!


Thanks once again for the critique and for your comments, much appreciated.


I appreciate your insight...I found it to be TREMENDOUSLY helpful.  You gave me some really valuable information I can use to improve my stories.


Once again, thank you for your critiques.  As always they are extremely helpful and I am more than happy to receive any kind of criticism, that will help me improve my writing. 


This is great, very informative.  It’s great to know what the problems with this story are, seems obvious now that you’ve pointed them out to me but at the same time I am grateful to you for highlighting the errors I make in my writing as now I can work on making my stories better. 


It's a really useful critique with lots of ideas where I can make improvements.


I’m very new to writing stories and your insights are both excellent and helpful.  And good value for money too.


Thank you for my critiques. You have been very thorough and given me lots to think about before I submit my entries for the next Flash500 competition. I have a friend who also writes but refuses to submit anything for critique, which I think is a real shame. You can learn so much from professional advice.


Thanks for such an encouraging and detailed critique.  Great help.


Thank you so much for your critique, tips and useful comments. I have only just started to find the time to write, although I have been wanting to for many years, so your feedback was really lovely and inspirational.


Another great crit, thanks. I do feel I'm inching forward each time! Now going to reread a 'chatty' short story I've just finished to see if I can root out any lurking 'telling'!


Thank you for the thoughtful and helpful critique. I will bear your advice in mind and keep working on my weaknesses (and improving my strengths, I hope!)


Thank you for this valuable critique. I agree with nearly all your points and perhaps this story is more suited to a longer word limit so that the characters can be fleshed out.


Thank you very much for the critique. I found your comments and suggestions extremely useful, thank you.


Thanks very much for the feedback- really useful!  I’m a total beginner when it comes to writing fiction, hence the basic mistakes.  Lots to learn, but really appreciate the critique.


Comments from users of other outlets where I provide a critique service

Please pass on my appreciation to Loraine for her excellent critique of my short story. I will take her critical comments and try to improve for next time. 

Please convey my thanks to Lorraine - I find her critique very helpful and encouraging.

I really appreciated your critique and have taken note.  I will work on the story over time and see how it improves.

Thank you for the critique. Please pass on my thanks to Lorraine Mace for her excellent suggestions.

Please pass my thanks for this very helpful critique to Lorraine.

Thank you for your detailed feedback. I wasn’t disheartened in the least by your critique; in fact I found it very encouraging.  I began writing, or trying to write, in September last year, and in December I decided to stop hiding behind my computer screen. I’m not one for self delusion; I know where I am right now with regards to writing, and I also know I can’t get better without professional feedback and guidance.

Could you pass on a big thank you to Lorraine for the critique, I can learn a lot from her comments.

Many thanks for this, and please pass on my thanks also to Lorraine Mace.  Her critique is, as always, very much appreciated.

Many thanks for forwarding Lorraine Mace's very helpful critique of my story. I shall work on the plot layers for both this story and others.  I also found the link she provided for guidance on presentation very useful, since I've never had this type of help before.

Please pass on my thanks to Lorraine Mace for her critique on my work.  I very much appreciate her comments and advice which I will use in my writing in the future.

Please send on my thanks to Lorraine Mace for the helpful and constructive comments.

Many thanks again for your honest critique, it was very helpful.

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