Lorraine Mace

The Writerís ABC Checklist

As most writers know, there is something extremely daunting about putting together a submission. Indeed, even established writers worry about presenting their work so that it makes the right impression. Whether it is an idea for an article, a short story for a magazine, a humorous anecdote, a novel or a non-fiction book, it is essential to present the work in such a way that the editor or publisher will feel they are being approached by a professional.

Will your work make the grade, or is your presentation letting you down? Poor presentation singles the writer out as an amateur, which can mean your work being rejected before it has been read. In a busy editorís office they receive so many manuscripts that they actively look for reasons to reject work. So what is the best way to avoid your efforts landing in the instant rejection pile?

Asking for a publicationís guidelines is only the beginning of the process. What is it the editor actually wants? How should the manuscript be laid out? Double or single line spacing? What do the guidelines mean by synopsis? What should be in a covering letter and when should one be included? What is a title page? Whatever form your writing takes, this book provides the answers to all your questions, including those you didnít even know you should ask.

The A-Z format means the answers to specific questions can be found quickly and effortlessly. A quick glance through the index of this easy to follow guide shows where to go to learn the tricks of the trade which will get your work noticed for all the right reasons.

Where appropriate, the sections are carefully cross-referenced. This ensures that unfamiliar terms are explained. The references also point to the next logical step in the submission process. You can be happy in the knowledge that every angle has been covered and your submission will not declare you an amateur.

Bullet points are included at the end of most sections, providing a quick reminder of the main items covered.

This book will not teach you how to write (there are several excellent books on the market for that purpose and we have included a suggested list of further reading material), our aim is to give you the best possible chance of seeing your writing published.

This is, quite simply, the ultimate guide to professional presentation. This unique book is packed with writing tips and is something no aspiring writer can afford to be without.


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